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50 Business Ideas to Make More Money with Google Adsense

As soon as we get a letter about Google Adsense, a question first comes to our mind., “Made a website on which topic, on which you can do good earning with help”. If you have the same problem with you and you are not able to suck the perfect bottom topic for the blog, then this post is for you only.In this post, I am telling you the top 50 business ideas of making good income with Google Adsense, on which you can earn more money from AdSense by blogging.


Creating a website and earning it on Google Adsense Advertising program is very easy. But if you publish content on the bottom of Adsense high paying keywords, then you can make more income from advertising.

There are some topics on which I can earn more than a site with topics other than ADS.. Adsense advertisers get more on some topics.So some topics are so popular and popular on the internet that you get more traffic and more ad clicks on them.

50 Topics to earn more than Google Adsense

If you want to write on such topics and want to earn more than adsense, then you can select any one of the 50 Busines ideas mentioned below..

Top Business Ideas for Google Adsense:

  1. Insurance Information: Insurance pays highest attention to related keywords. that high CPC $ 54 .Clicks can get you up to $ 54. There is very little competition in it..
  2. Finance:You can earn more than AdSense by working on finance tips and finance news topics.
  3. Mortgage Information:You can focus on specific mortgage rates and up to date so that homeoners and those who want to buy get a good information.
  4. Loans Guidelines:What is lone, How and where to take loan?Everyone wants to know about this topic. Mostly students search for information on education loan.You can help them by writing about the loan.
  5. Health Information: Health is the most profitable topic among the AdSense websites. If you are health related knowledge, then you can focus on its general information and specific health related below..
  6. Home Treatment: Many diseases can be treated with home remedies. You can help people by sharing such home remedies..
  7. Technology: This is my favorite subject to earn more money from Google Adsense. You can create a website and blog and share content with new features on it..
  8. Fashion:Who is not fond of fashion in today’s time.You can share fashion designer, trends, fashion tips.
  9. Sports: The passion of sports is on every youth.You can cover all sports below by creating a blog on sports.
  10. Diet Tips:Apart from the most popular health related topics, you can write on diet topics. You can write about diet tips and weight loss.
  11. News: You can share content on any top news topic, in this you will get the maximum traffic.
  12. Beauty Tips:Girl, boys, woman and meat all have interest in beauty. But Ladies are most fond of it. You can suck makeup related topics.
  13. Relationship Advice:If you have knowledge and experience in relationship counseling So you can start a website where you share the answers and advices of people’s queries.
  14. Home Care:You can create a website that is like a great source for home owners.You can write on the topics from the self-preservation to the repair.
  15. Family Topics:You family related events, activities, parenting advice. Can write on.
  16. Credit Information: You can help people take credit related issues..
  17. Real Estate Information:The real estate topic is the best website for adsense. You can share information of specific area listings.
  18. Fitness Tips:You can share fitness information on your site, which will prove to be helpful for those doing workouts.
  19. Auto mobiles:You can create a website in which Automobiles Network Repairing Statements. Information.
  20. Sport News:Everyone checks the news at the time of the cricket match. You can create a site on which the latest sports news of every type is available.
  21. Political updates:You can create a website that has information on political candidates and politicians.
  22. Travel info:You can help people by doing travel information. You can write about example, airline and hotels.
  23. Photography Tips:In photography too, many investors invest money. You can earn well with AdSense by creating a photography site.
  24. Stock images:You can create a site in which free stock images are available.
  25. Social media news: Sharing new information, tips and updates for social media users.
  26. WhatsApp Status: Whatapp, facebook, twitter users in   funny, comedy, serious, shayari, jokes etc. status To share.
  27. Web design:You can run a site with web design and development.
  28. Money Making Tips:Sharing ideas, tips to make money online or offline from internet.
  29. Money Saving Tips: Sharing Money Saving Tips, Explaining new and right ways to save.
  30. Business Tips:Sharing information about online business or offline business and making it successful.
  31. Market Tips and Tricks:Writing about the latest updates and news of market products.
  32. Advertising News:Writing about advertising companies and informing people, besides sharing the knowledge of advertising.
  33. Education:Sharing work information and news for students. Explain ways to study and get more marks.
  34. Education Loan:Telling about how you can avail education loan for student study.
  35. Latest Updates: Share the latest updates of any topic. You can write on many topics in this site.
  36. Breaking News:Sharing breaking news. In this, you have to share the news with others quickly and smartly.
  37. Law and Lawyer Information: The information of specials, lawyers  can bring a lot of search traffic to your site. Best Topic of Adsense Websites for.
  38. Local Business Tips:Providing information about the local business around you. Suggesting tips to succeed in it.
  39. Farming and Agriculture:If you have knowledge of farming and agriculture, then you can earn more by sucking this topic because Advertisaur invests more money in it.
  40. Cyber ​​security:cyber security has become a major issue for Consumers and Businesces. People do a lot of searching about it on the Internet, you can make their searching easier.
  41. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):Tricks to bring content to the top in search engines. You can create a site that helps people in their lane on the top position in Google.
  42. Blogging Tutorials: If you have knowledge of blogging, then you can write a helping tutorial for people who want to make a blog and run it.
  43. Viral Topics: Writing or making videos on any viral topic that will get you maximum traffic.
  44. Trending Topics: This topic is best for both YouTuber and Blogger. You can write or make videos on topics that are trending.
  45. Online Game Training:Not only Android mobile, one game is also available for desktop puck too. You can tell about the training of those games.
  46. Entertainment: you can make  movies, shows, comedy, best scene, bad scene par comedy video entertain people .
  47. Celebrity News:By writing about popular celebrity, you can get more traffic from Google search engine. After searching for their fans, your site will show.
  48. Software Information: You can share information of any kind of software.
  49. Programming Language:Learning coding is a very good topic to earn more than AdSense, because in this you will find Nuba users who click more on AIDS.
  50. Life Changing Tips:To be successful in life, to change life, to live life, to make life better by writing about .

By writing on any of these 50 topics, you can make a good income with Google Adsense For this, you will need to create a website or blog. For the information of which you read this post.


It is better to write on any topic, you write on such topic which pays more attention or which has more traffic.I have mentioned the above topics, on some of them there is more traffic, while on some Google Adsense gives more commission.

Adsense high cups are $ 54 on insurance keywords, so if you write on high paying keywords, you will earn more in less clicks.While click on other topics, less traffic will be more. Now you can decide which topic you want to work on.


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