AdForest Classified Native Android App v3.5.0

AdForest Classified Native Android App v3.5.0

AdForest Classified Native Android App is a classic Android application for working with WordPress plugins. Adforest is a classic Android application with many features to make AdForest a complete classified solution. This application is made with an emphasis on typography, usability. Its very quick and easy to set up. There is also a WordPress theme for it.. With the mobile ads application, you can manage the list of products for your advertising business. This is the best application that has convenient features: bad word filter, ad expiration date limit, ad status, Google Map integration, location or price search, plus the user can contact the seller / buyer using the message system and many other outstanding features. which are not supported by most mobile billboard applications. 

 How to make null :

1. After downloading, unpack and navigate to these directories 
app / srcs / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest .. 
2. Search all .java files: enter .java in the Windows search bar, 
open with notepad ++ 
3. Replace all entries in the name of your package that you registered with firebase. 
return to this directory - app / srcs / main / res .. 
4. Search all .xml files and do the same 
5. Go to the file build.gradle and replace the package name with your name. 
6Now go to app / srcs / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest / utills and edit the file, enter your website name, enter any purchase code and secret code that should be the same as the one entered toolbar plugin API. Also enter the name of your application 
7. Rename this folder according to your package name 
app / src / main / java / com / scriptsbundle / adforest, for example, you used 
8. You replace scriptsbundle with xy and adforest with bb 
rename adforet.iml to bb.iml 
9. Disable your social logins on the WordPress plugin toolbar and import them into Android Studio.
Download the required version of the SDK and SD plugins, synchronize and run. Done!

Change log / Updates: v 3.4 / Updates: v 3.5—— February 24th, 2021

Paypal Library Updated
Forgot Password issue fixed
Mapbox compulsory issue fixed
Edit Ad Post Image uploading issue fixed
NO Changes in App API Plugin

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