dizzy v2.1- Support Creators Content Script

dizzy v2.1- Support Creators Content Script

dizzy – Support Creators Content Script is a platform where content creators, youtubers, instagramers, designers, developers, photographers or any other branch can monetize their content by receiving subscriptions from their most loyal followers or just anyone who likes their work.

Anyone can create a contents but just Creators can earn money with Premium Content Share and Subscriber Content Share features.

Dizzy is not a clone script with a flexible interface. In terms of features, it may be similar to OnlyFans or Patreon sites, but if you need a unique project, dizzy offers you exactly those.


Live StreamingSubscription systemUsers can set the weekly, monthly and yearly subscription priceImplemented GDPRBanner Cookies PolicyNotifications Real-timeUser can get Notifications comment, follow, subscribe, post buy, like, comment like, approve content by administrator.Account verification by uploading ID or PassportEdit your profileVerified users will display a badgeCreate unlimited posts for Free, Subscribers and PremiumPoint(credit) system.Creators can share posts, charging fees. People can see the post in return for the points the creator has set for the post.Members who want to pay to view the content can add points to the wallet.Users can manage postsCreators can manage their Dashboard(Normal users don’t have Dashboar)SEO on PagesUpload AvatarUpload CoverSetting your Payout method (PayPal or Bank Transfer)Make withdrawals when you reach the minimum amount established by adminSearch creators by Name/UsernameIntegration with Stripe with (Recurrent)Integration PayPal PaymentIntegration BitPay PaymentIntegration RazorPay PaymentIntegration iyziCo PaymentIntegration Authorize.Net PaymentIntegration PayStack PaymentTop 5 creators of last week!Explore CreatorsSocial Login with Twitter and GoogleEmail VerificationUpload Photos and ImagesThe system blur the photos and videos in premium and subscriber posts. This way, the member cannot see the real image of that post until they buy the post or subscribe to the profile.User can report postUser can block postEnable/Disable MessageCurrent point from dropdown menuTotal earnings from Creator DashboardSecure password hashingSMTP SupportEasy translationMultilanguageProgress bar on UploadMessage system users can send photos, videos, stickers and gifsInfinite scroll on Message systemInfinite scroll on User Wall and Profile WallHistory of payments made and receivedEmail notificationsContact us pageChange PasswordSaved PostsStickers System in Comment and MessageGifs system in Comment and MessageEmoticon system in Commend and MessageSponsored AdvertisementsSubscribersSubscriptionsPaymentsLight / Dark Mode

Admin Features

  • Settings
  • Website Settings
    • Site Logo
    • Favicon
    • Site Name
    • Site Title
    • Site Description
    • Keywords
  • General
    • Main Language(Choose Language)
    • Maintenance Mode(Enable/Disable)
    • Email verification(Enable/Disable)
    • Register (Enable/Disable)
    • IP Limit(One ip can register 2 times if enabled)
  • Limits
    • Upload File Size limit
    • Post Length
    • Number of post show
    • Show number of pagination
    • Allowed file extensions(mp4,MP4,mp3,MP3,mpg,mov,m4v,avi,flv,mpeg,MPEG,webm,mkv,MKV,gif,GIF,jpg,jpeg,JPEG,JPG,PNG,png)
    • File extensions valid for approval(gif,GIF,jpg,jpeg,JPEG,JPG,PNG,png)
  • Billing Informations
  • Email Settings
  • Storage(Amazon S3)
  • Manage Posts
    • Awaiting approval(Admin should approve Premium posts)
    • Posts
    • Premium Posts
    • Subscribe Possts
  • Design
    • Custom CSS/JS
    • Manage SVG Icons
  • Point Packages Settings
  • Manage Languages
  • Users
    • Manage Users
    • Creator Verification Requests
  • Pages (Create/Edit/Delete) pages
  • Stickers (Create/Edit/Delete) stickers
  • Payment Methods
    • Payment Settings
    • PayPal
    • Bitpay
    • Stripe
    • Authorize.Net
    • IyziCo
    • RazorPay
    • PayStack
  • Social Logins (Edit Twitter and Google Login)
  • Manage Payments
    • Manage Withdrawals
    • Manage Subscription Payment
  • Advertisement
    • Create a Advertisement
    • Manage Advertisements

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