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How to lock whatsapp on Jio phone –

How to lock WhatsApp in Jio phone?

Friends, in today’s time, we want to keep any type of our thing confidential and do not want to let anyone use it. In such a situation, we also want to keep our gadget very secure, because in this we also keep our necessary documents or image videos or chat etc. safe. In such a situation, if you use Jio Phone, then you must be searching on the Internet for information related to locking your Whatsapp.

We can easily lock whatsapp in any smartphone, but locking in a Jio Phone becomes a bit difficult, but it is not impossible either. In an important article today, we are going to provide complete information on this topic to all of you people How to lock whatsapp on jio phone?

Why install WhatsApp lock in jio phone?

Sometimes we do most of your online work only with the help of WhatsApp. Even we keep sharing our important documents on WhatsApp and in such a situation we do not want anyone else to see or use our documents. If we do not put our whatsapp lock, then none of our data will remain secure nor will it remain confidential in any way. In such a situation, the most important and necessary thing is to lock our WhatsApp. We can lock all our types of data or documents by keeping a lock on our WhatsApp.

How to lock whatsapp on Jio phone?

No special features have been added to lock Whatsapp on Jio phone, nor can you lock an application in any special way. But you can keep WhatsApp safe by using the screen password in your Jio phone, and as long as no one will unlock the screen of your Jio phone, it is up to you to view any type of WhatsApp data or WhatsApp history. Will not get Let us know how you can activate the screen lock in a live phone and also protect your WhatsApp.

How to put password on Jio phone

To protect WhatsApp or any application in a Jio phone, you can put a screen lock and its process is described below step by step in this way.

Go to home screen: –

First of all, you have to open your live phone and after that you have to go to the home screen.

Open Phone Settings: –

Now here you have to open the settings in your live phone.

Open Privacy and Security: –

Now after doing this, you have to select the option called “Privacy and Security”.

Click on the screen lock: –

Now you will see an option called “screen lock” here, you have to click on it.

Turn on the screen lock: –

Now here you have to “on” your screen lock option.

Enter 4 digit screen password: –

Now after turning on the screen lock, you have to enter the 4-digit screen password here and you will have to enter this password while unlocking your phone, only then will your phone be unlocked otherwise your phone will remain locked.

Create at: –

After entering the password, you will see the option to create here, click on it and then your password will be created here.

pay attention :-

Once you know your password and unlock your phone, then it can easily access your WhatsApp easily. That is why you do not have to open your screen lock in front of any other person nor share your password with any other person.


Question: Is it necessary to install WhatsApp Lock in Jio Phone?


Answer: – If you use your WhatsApp in person and do not want to share your documents with any other person, then in this situation we need to lock WhatsApp.

Question: Can we put screen lock on WhatsApp in Jio Phone?


Answer: – Fingerprint access is not available in Jio phone and because of this we cannot put fingerprint lock on WhatsApp in Jio phone.

Q: Can WhatsApp be locked on Jio Phone?


Answer: Yes, you can also lock your WhatsApp through screen lock in live phone.

Q: Can we use any app lock to lock WhatsApp in Jio phone?


Answer: – You can not put it in WhatsApp through any app lock in Jio phone.


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