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How to success in life.

How to success in life

Turn failure into success – how to success in life

How to face failure? And how to benefit from failure? We all know that failure is such a thing that is a part of life, no successful person has ever made it at once. He did some work in which he failed, and after that slowly a person has succeeded, first of all it is important to know that what is the failure? Many times we think that failure means that everything has stopped, everything is over, it is not so! Failure means delay. Nothing more than this.

If I give you an example of a child failing in his examination, then what does it mean? This means that it will take him another year to pass the same exam. But if that child is afraid of that failure, then he will not appear again in that examination. Then it will be said that the boy failed in the sentence. That is why it is said, “Mind wins, losers lose.”

That is why it is important not to let your confidence end in failure. Instead of thinking about what I have done wrong, focus on that mistake and find a solution and take care that I do not repeat this mistake next time.


How do you take your failure, you can understand that I have come to know a way that I cannot succeed. This means I have to adopt some other method and I do not have to do this method again because it gives me failure. So, it should always be our endeavor that we take a lesson from the old mistakes, analyze the old ones which are due to fail in us, think well and keep in mind the mistakes that have been made, which we will take action next. Do not make this mistake from us again. If we follow this thing then it is obvious that we will become successful and our chances of failure will decrease.

Another good way to deal with failure is to have strong faith in the mind and a fire in the heart if there is passion in us. So the little Mistake that happens to us where we fail, we will keep moving forward by not paying attention to those mistakes. Like if I remind you that most of us have taught cycling and how to teach them how to cycling repeatedly. That is why if someone leaves the place to go cycling. Fell twice, fell three times and then stopped trying, then what is the obvious thing that he will never be able to be a Sikh in life. But a lot of people who have learned the cycle today, they have learned only by falling, they have failed and have learned, they did not worry about who is laughing at them and who is saying what They just knew that it was a star and had to follow it and slowly they learned it.

And I can remind you even today that the day of the first Moment you cycled, you can remember how much you enjoyed that Moment. Remember that anytime we succeed after failure, then the enjoyment that he has is only the public who succeeds.


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