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Do not treat things as they appear. There is a lot inside them. A man dies We said, the man died. The man who left this thing with this understanding, does not have insight. Gautama Buddha used to attend a festival. He had his charioteer in his chariot on the way. And they saw an old man. He saw the first old man.

When Gautama Buddha was born, astrologers told his father that this person would grow up to be either a Chakravarti emperor and would become a monk. His father asked how can I stop this from being a monk? So that astrologer said a lot of amazing things. She is about to understand. The astrologer said, if it is to stop being a solitaire, do not give it chance in which insight is born. Father was very surprised – what happened? His father asked. The astrologer said, do not give it to the chance that insight is born. So the father said, it is very difficult, what will we do?

The astrologer said that the flower in its garden should be separated before withering. He could never see a withering flower. Because on seeing this withering flower, you will ask, do flowers wither? And it will ask, do humans also go to potter? And it will ask, will I also wither? And insight will be created in it. Do not let old people come around it. Otherwise it will ask, are they old, will I also get old? It should never see death. Don’t see yellow leaves falling. Otherwise it will ask, yellow leaves fall, will man also fall yellow one day? Will i fall And then insight will be created in it.

The father made a great effort and arranged such that he did not see the yellow leaf, did not see the withering flower, did not see the old man, did not hear any news of dying until Buddha was young. Then but how long could it be? How can a man be stopped in this world not to see death? How to prevent yellow leaves from being seen? How can I prevent the flowers from being seen?

But I tell you, you have never seen a dying man, and you have never seen a yellow leaf, you have not seen a withering flower. His father stopped Buddha very hard, even then he saw it one day. Nobody is holding you back and you are not able to see. Not insight, otherwise you would have become a monk. That is, the question is because that astrologer said that if insight is born then it will become a monk. So those who are not saints, believe it, they will not have insight.

Well, one day Buddha appeared. He went on a trip to attend a festival and an old man was seen and he immediately asked his partner, what happened to this man?
That fellow said, it got old.
Buddha asked, does every man get old?
That fellow said, every human gets old.
Buddha asked, am I also?
That fellow said, God, how can I say! But there is no exception. You will be too.
Buddha said, return the chariot, take back the chariot.
Driver said, why?
Buddha said, I got old.
This is insight. Buddha said, I got old. Said a wonderful thing Said a wonderful thing.
And they could not even return that they saw a deceased and Buddha asked, what happened?
The charioteer said, this is the second phase after aging, this man died.
Buddha asked, does every man die?
 said, every man.
And Buddha asked, did I also?
And the charioteer said, you too. There is no exception.
Buddha said, now lotaio or not return, everything is equal.
The fellow said, why?
Buddha said, I died.

This is insight. Look at things from side to side. Things should look like they are not accepted, till their last stage. The one who will generate insight will also see ruins in place of this building. Whosoever will be insightful, he will also see so many dead people in the place of so many alive people – among them, with them. One who has insight will see birth as well as death, and sorrow with happiness, and separation with union.

Insight is the method of transcending. And the person who wants to know the truth, he has to learn to look beyond. Because there is no other God, whoever comes to see through it, it becomes divine here. It is a philosophy seen through the cross. Osho Rajneesh


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