[Updated 2021] WordPress Plugins Making Your Website Slow?

[Updated 2021] WordPress Plugins Making Your Website Slow?

Plugins That Are Slowing WordPress Down: Are you having some issues with your website? Your website is having slow load time or crashing from time to time, or any other issue? There can be many reasons because it is happening but the most common reason can be using bad plugins. You must be thinking what are bad plugins? From a bad plugin, you should understand, a plugin that looks great from outside, like free of cost, and easy to handle, and look attractive but what’s the worst part? It may have an improper code in which it is created. This can lead to many serious effects on a website by using them.

List Of Plugins that are slowing WordPress Down

  • Jetpack
  • Contact Form 7
  • Ajax Search
  • NextGEN Gallary
  • Redirection
  • UpdraftPlus
  • CSS Hero
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Revolution Slider
  • Fancy Gallery
  • WP Jump Menu
  • AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring

How to get rid of bad WordPress Plugins?

If you want to know which plugin is causing your website some really bad problems and if you want to get rid of these bad plugins then you simply go on Plugin Detective- Troubleshooting and check the steps of the process and from there you can able to see the root of the cause and which plugin is giving you trouble. So, you can save your website from crashing by deactivating that plugin. Also, if you are using plugins without having a good knowledge of them can also lead problems. So make sure you know about a plugin before you activate it. You can also deactivate those plugins that do not have any use to you.

How do I find bad plugins in Advance?

You must be thinking, how to stay away from these bad plugins in advance in the future? Well, there can be some ideas you can take care of. First, you can check the customer reviews, if there is a faulty plugin, people must have told them in their reviews. Another best option can be by checking your website on GTmetrix. Here you can look at your website speed, performance, issues that are causing your site to be slow. Also, you can check on google about the worst WordPress plugins that are slowing your website. but before that, you can look into our list of plugins that we have provided.


List of Plugins Are Slowing Your WordPress Website

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