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What to do after 10th class

Courses After 10th

After 10th class, students are very confused about their career. Choosing the right subject for a successful career is nothing short of a challenge for students, for a career, the right planning needs to be done. Because the decision taken for career after 10th determines your future. This article can help those students who are confused about career planning after 10th, because here we are giving you information about courses after 10th which is as follows.

What to do after 10th class – Courses After 10th

List of courses after 10th

  • 11th and 12th PUC
  • Diploma in engineering courses
  • ITI courses
  • Vocational courses
  • Certificate courses

If a student thinks of a job only after studying till his 10th, then there are some diplomas and part time courses which can help such students in getting jobs.

If your financial situation is good and you are not struggling with any problem that affects your further studies, then it is better for your career that you do not work after 10th and focus on further studies.

Because if you start job after 10th, then you are limited to less salary till you get a government job (like Army, Navy, Railways and Police).

After 10th, most of the students prefer to continue their school till the 12th, while for the 11th to 12th, students have to choose from three main subjects – Science, Commerce and Arts.

If a student chooses a science subject for his / her career, he / she can pursue his / her career in Commerce and Arts in PUC again. There are many options for students of science class to make a career in different fields too, by choosing which they can build their golden future.

Students can do professional courses like engineering, medical, management courses. If you are thinking of doing PUC from commerce stream then you can make a career later in art fields too but you cannot go into science field.

Nowadays most of the students are preferring to do diploma course after 10th standard. At the same time, the biggest advantage of pursuing diploma courses is that the student gets complete knowledge in a particular stream and they can make a career in that stream.

At the same time, due to the increasing demand for diploma courses, many diploma courses are coming to India for those students who hope to get a job after 10th class. While diploma courses also have the advantage that students can apply for government jobs after diploma programs.

List of diploma course after 10th – Diploma Courses After 10th

These diploma courses help students to take short-hand dictations and can also perform clerical duties.

Time – 1 year

Job- Students doing these courses can easily get stenographer jobs in government or private sector.

Through these diploma courses, students take training in basic and fundamental principles and students can also experience visual and design.

Time duration – 2 years

Job – After this diploma course, students can become art teachers.

Through the Agriculture Diploma, students can collect all types of soil information, including how to do farming.

Time – 2 years

Job- Through this course, students can pursue a career in agricultural engineering in B.Tech.

With the help of these diploma courses, students can easily understand the concept of buying and selling. Let me tell you that this course is completely different from the course on fine art.

Time – 2 to 3 years

Job – After doing this course, students can make a career by working in advertising company, art studio, publishing houses, fashion houses.

The scope of this animation course is also increasing day by day. With the help of this course, students can learn the skills related to 3D animation.

Time – 18 months to 2 years

Students pursuing job-animation diploma courses can easily find the job of 3D animator in any animation company.

  • Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

The scope of this course is also growing very fast. Most of the children are preferring to pursue a career in hotel management.

Time – 2 years

Job – Through this diploma course, students can get the job of Catering Officer, Catering Supervisor and Assistant, cabin crew.

This diploma course is very popular among girls, through this diploma course girls can improve the skills of beautician.

Time – 4 years

After doing this course, girls can become beauticians and can also open their own beauty parlor.

Through this course, students can get an in-depth understanding of cosmetic detail.

Time – 5 months

After doing this course, students can become beauticians or can open their own beauty parlor. Apart from this, they can also work as salesmen in a cosmetic manufacturer.

  • Diploma in Cyber ​​Security

Through this course, students can gain knowledge related to ethical hacking.
Year 1- Year
Job – After this course, students can become ethical hackers in government and private agency as well as take different types of soil.

  • Diploma in Commercial Practice

Through this course, the student will have experience of selling an item as well as will be able to promote the item.

Time – 3 years

Job- With this diploma, students can get the job of Commercial Account Manager, Commercial Executive, Business Junior Head, Branch Junior Assistant Manager.

  • Diploma in Dental Mechanics

Time – 2 years

Job- Dentist, Assistant Dental Surgeon, Dental Technician, Research Assistant

  • Diploma in Plastics Technology

Year – 3 years

Job – Plastic Part Mold Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Product Design Engineer

  • Diploma in Ceramic Technology

Time – 3 years

Job – After this course, students can either enter lateral in ceramic technology or become ceramic engineer.

Time – 3 years

Job – After this course you can get admission in B.Tech or you can get job in related field.

  • Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering

Time – 6 months

Job- Fire Safety Officer

  • Diploma in Fashion Technology

Time – 3 years

Jobs- Fashion designer, costume designer, textile designer, bridal wear designer, stylist

  • Diploma in engineering courses

Students can also do diploma in engineering courses after 10th standard. But students can do these diploma courses only if they have Mathematics and Science in class 10th.

The diploma in engineering program is of 3 years. There are many diplomas in engineering courses available in India. Some of which are like this.

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in EC Engineering
  • Diploma IC Engineering
  • Diploma Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Textile Engineering

After completion of the diploma course, students can directly take admission in BTech and BE 2nd year, also known as lateral entry.

  • ITI courses

ITI, which means Industrial Training Institute, prepares students to work at industrial level so that children can get good jobs. At the same time, the specialty of ITI is that it puts more emphasis on practical training than theory so that children understand better.

ITI programs are of 1-2 years, the time duration of the course depends on the course of the course, some of the main ITI programs are as follows –

  • ITI Electrician Course
  • ITI Plumber Course
  • ITI Welder Course
  • ITI Turner Course
  • ITI Mechanic Course
  • Other Vocational Courses

ITI, Polytechnic College and other educational institutes are known for the job oriented vocational courses that get jobs. Such programs are also diploma and certification courses. for example-

  • Diploma in Hardware and Networking
  • Paramedical courses


In addition to the courses written above, there are many certification courses available which the student can do after 10th class. for example-

  • Certificate in web designing
  • Certificate in ethical hacking
  • Certificate in graphic design
  • Certificate in app development

So in this way, the student can choose a course of his interest and build his golden future.


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